Description of Department, year of establishment.

The department of Botany established in the year 1973.

In 1998 as per the need of hour started microbiology as restructured course along with Botany, Chemistry combinations in English medium. In 2018-19 academic year New course is introduced as Bt.B.C ( Biotechnology,Botany and Chemistry). In the year 2019-20 Appllied Nutrition  was introduced along with Botany (An BC, AnBZ)

 Programmes offered-----UG -Botany

Interdisciplinary courses and departments involved—Transdisciplinary courses offered for B.Com, B.A. w.e.f 2015 June. In 2018-19 Generic Elective is introduced as an interdisciplinary course.

Particiption of department in the courses offered by other departments: Generic Elective.

 Number of teaching posts sanctioned and filled(professors/Associate professors/Asst.prof.): 4


To achieve holistic development and academic excellence        to contribute effectively to the understanding of the subject.

To develop an aptitude towards science and nature.

To impart quality education in the field of Botany enabling our students to confidently    face the job market.

To sensitize the students towards the need for keeping the environment clean and   conserve our natural resources.

To equip young girls for self employment.


To provide skill oriented and quality education to the students to make them acquire an in-depth knowledge of plant sciences and sensitize them to explore and not to exploit the plant wealth.


Applying conventional as well as non-conventional tools to understand plant processes. Provide a wide-spectrum comprehension of aspects of plants. Ingrain the concept of conservation of nature and natural resources. Suitably equip the students to apply themselves sensibly in any activity requiring botanical proficiency


S.No Name Of The Faculty Employee ID Qualification Designation Experience Number Of
Books Published
Number Of
Number Of
Number Of
Number Of
Ph.D Student
Date Of
Of Student
1. B.Rukmini Devi 2595925 M.Sc(Botany) M.Phil., S.E.T(qualified) Assistant Professor 9years - 15 5 - -
2. Dr.R.Sreelatha 2595671 M.Sc(Botany) Ph.D Assistant Professor 9yrs - 8 3 2 -
3. Dr. R. Sneha 2155555 M.Sc., Ph. D., B.Ed., SET Assistant Professor 8 YEARS - National Seminars attended -05 National Worshops attended -02 International Publications -11 -
4. K.Usha Rani 2110828 M.Sc,Ph.D,NET(APCSC),B.Ed ASSISTANT PROFESSOR 12 years as JL,11 years as DL - 10 2 2 -
5. Dr. T. Annie Sheron 2153213 M. Sc. B.Ed. Ph.D. CFN Assistant Professor 15 3 3 2 3 -