Attendance and Evaluation


1. Every student is required to attend all the classes, and extracurricular activities arranged by the college.

2. Every student must have atleast 75% attendance in every subject of the course to secure eligibility to appear for End Semester Examinations.

3. No student shall absent herself from the college without written permission endorsed by the parents / Guardians to be handed over to the class In-charge lecturer. If the leave of absence is for more than five days: a certificate from Medical Practitioner is necessary.

Semester System of Study:

  • There will be two semesters in each academic year.
  • Final examinations are conducted at the end of each semester.
  • There will be detention at the end of first, third and fifth semester.
  • There will be detention at the end of the second and fourth semester as follows:
  1. If a student fails in more than 50% of the total papers of first and second semester, he will be detained at the end of second semester.
  2. If a student fails in more than 25% of first, second, third and fourth semester put together he will be detained at the end of forth semester.

Internal Assessment:
Students are required to write two Internal Assessment examinations in each paper in each subject as part of continuous Internal Evaluation. The maximum mark in each paper is 25 and the average of the marks of two internal assessments will be taken into account for the end examination result.

End Semester Examination:
1. The maximum marks in the theory subject in each paper is 75 (end exam, each semester) and the Internal Assessment is 25.
2. The students have to get a minimum 40 out of 100 (75+25) and a minimum of 27 out of 75 in the end semester examination to pass in the examination of each paper.
3.The students are required to complete a project work in a subject of their choice in their Sixth Semester (Final Year).

General Rules:

1. When a student joins the College, she is expected to abide by the rules in force.
2. A student is expected to behave decently with all members of the teaching staff, office staff and all supporting staff and with other students.
3. Students should refrain from loitering in the corridors or standing in the open areas.
4. Every student should carry her Identity card daily.
5. If a student is absent from the college more than fifteen days continuously without leave of absence, her name will be removed from the rolls.
6. Students who are granted admission will be required to pay the entire college fee of the year in advance. Otherwise , they will not be allowed to attend the classes and their examination forms will not be forwarded to the University and they will not be allowed to write the End Semester


7. Every student must put in a minimum of 75% attendance to be eligible to appear for the End Semester Examination.
8. Students falling short of 75% attendance are not eligible for scholarships.


  • The Discipline and Attendance Committee comprising the class incharge lecturers will ensure the strict discipline of student of the different classes.
  • Students are required to attend all the classes including extension lecturer and seminars regularly.
  • The students should come to the college decently dressed.
  • Students should maintain discipline in the classroom as well as in the college campus.
  • Students should not use Mobile phones in the class room. If they are found talking on Mobile phones, they will be liable for punishment.
  • The Principal reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student, who is found guilty of serious misbehavior.
  • Student are required to maintain 75% attendance.